Foreign Property Investment Division

This division is setup to meet the demand of our clients who intend to invest in overseas’ properties – especially Australia and Canada.

Often, purchasers face with the challenges to invest in foreign property, be it in the market information, reliability of the property developer, the in-and-out of the purchasing procedures, etc. Most importantly, there’s not many local agencies providing the choices and knowledge of the investment.

And here we are, with our decades of reputation and reliability, to assist you in:

  1. Pre-Assessment of all properties before we market them
  2. Identifying the risk and benefits of the properties
  3. Guide you through the Sales & Purchase Procedures
  4. Know Your Eligibility as a Foreign Purchaser
  5. Reference on Legal & Financial advisers (*)
    * Please be aware that real estate agency is not in any legal position to advise on these expertise.

Feel free to call us for more information and should you required any personal consultation, we are pleased to be at your service.